Dalarna Outdoor AB, the place to be for an adventure in the wild in the beautiful nature of Sweden! We offer various adventurous wilderness trips, workshops and programs for everyone who want to explore and survive nature. Such as a Wilderness Wildlife or Beaver Safari, or our challenging workshops Primitive Fire, Wilderness Shelter and Finding Your Way in the Wilderness. You can also go back to the basic with us during our adventurous Hike, Survival and Bushcraft trips. Even for larger groups and companies we have really nice programs which are perfect to refresh and increase the team spirit! In this way we try to bring the people in contact with nature and find their passion again or make it grow more. Everything we do, we do in harmony and with big respect for Mother Nature. Dalarna Outdoor stands for personal attention and quality during all of our activities! We want to give people an unforgettable experience in the wilderness of Sweden. Our instructors are well educated, experienced and have a lot of motivation and enthusiasm!

Are you in for an adventure in the wild? Check out our website www.dalarna-outdoor.com